Finally a platform game that's free to explore, not a runner & is best without a controller on screen or in hand.

GemBugs is currently in development for iOS, Android, Windows and Tizen

10 Girls & 10 Boys

For every boy GemBug there is a girl GemBug - that's a sweet story but that is how GemBugs roll.

Use Speed & Control

You can zip your GemBug around the stage as fast as Roadrunner - but be careful of sharp frenemies.

It Starts Here...

....the first secret - an elusive diamond high, out to sea, almost out of reach and right next to a fatal laser.

Welcome to The Beach

On the boardwalk the crabs of the island meander about on the sand - careful tho as they are sharp.

The Story

The evil Dr Robo, incidental creator of these sentient tin toy bugs known as GemBugs, is trying to take their power away from them. He's stolen all the gems! Well - almost all - Manly Bird & Lady Bling have a hidden stash which meant they could launch the mission to get all the other gems back!

The Cloud Army drop you off and transport a GemBug through the maze of lasers to get to safe zones on the island. This is your only chance to save your friends and family! Don't leave them forever in Limbo! A GemBug loves gems they can only survive if they have them all back.