GemBugs is a platform arcade adventure with a focus on playability.

It will also be great for speedruns, puzzle solving, treasure hunts and fun times. GemBugs is currently in development - but on hold.

Stolen Gems!

You start with 1500 Cloudy Quartz. Enough to get you to Robo's island via the Cloud Army.

20 GemBugs

Collect Gems to bring over up to 20 friends from back home. Each GemBug has powers and armour.


10 Gems

Gems from the common quartz to the extremely rare diamond can be recovered on the island.

The Journey

Your quest starts on the Island docks, but what mysteries lie beyond this sunny place?


QuadraSlam is a retro inspired arcade style action game. One word: intense!

Use your ship's powerful QuadraScan technology to see the shields of the alien invaders and shoot them down with your remote clones.



A QuadraSlam is when four slammer clones join to form one amazingly powerfull spaceship.


This is your scanner which lets you see the colour of the shields of the ships. Each new wave of ships deployed from the depths of space has a mother ship.


Colour Battles

Green bullets go through green shields and blow up the alien ship - it's that easy. Cyan bullets go through cyan shields and blow up the alien ship - not so easy.  

Four Galaxies

Your mission is to clear the four galaxies of the alien drones - a hard mission. How deep can you get in to the alien hive? How many will you destroy on the way?